Fire Resistance

AMF Ceilings conform with NCC Specification C1.10.4, as tested in accordance with AS 5637.1:2015 – Group 1, and ISO 5660 – Group 1–S. Material Group numbers are a requirement of the BCA/NCC 2019 for all internal linings of commercial buildings in Australia.

Group Numbers

A group number is a fire hazard property classification which can be achieved by conducting either full room burn testing or cone calorimeter testing, depending on the product.

A material will be certified as Group 1, 2 or 3 (or 1-S, 1, 2-S, 2, 3 or 4 for New Zealand) and Specification C1.10 of the NCC explains what Group number is required in each area of a building. The lower the Group number, the more fire resistant the material is, so a Group 1/1-S is the best achievable certification and Group 1/1-S ceilings have the flexibility to be installed anywhere in a building.

All AMF Ceilings products achieve a Group 1/1-S certification.

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